How To Start A Band: The Best Ways to Prepare

A Band

If you’re thinking about starting a band, you’re in the right place! There are many steps to take before actually performing live shows and recording music, so we’ll go over them below.

Decide on Your Band Name and What Genre You Want to Play

The first thing you need to get started is a name for your new band. A good band name should be memorable, simple, and have some sort of meaning behind it. If you’re having trouble coming up with something that fits these criteria, start by making a list of words that describe the type of music you’ll be playing.

For example: if you’re inspired by jazz legends like Miles Davis and John Coltrane, try using terms like “cool” or “laid back.” Once you’ve got some ideas down on paper, ask your bandmates what they think before narrowing down their suggestions until everyone agrees on one choice.

Once that’s done, it’s time to register your official legal business name at the state level (this will cost around $100). You can also check if anyone else has already registered that name as well as its variations; this way, no one else steals it from under your nose! Now go forth and make sweet music!

Practice Hard! After all, Practice makes Perfect

The most important thing to do when starting a band is to practice. It doesn’t matter how good your songs are or how much talent you have if you’re not prepared to perform them live! If you want people to hear what you’ve got, then they need to be impressed by your ability.


They can’t be impressed unless they hear it in person—and that means that before any shows happen, there needs to be lots and lots of rehearsals under your belt.

Here are some tips on practicing:

  • Practice at least 4-5 times per week for 2 hours each time
  • Use a metronome during practice sessions so that all players stay on beat and consistent with their rhythms
  • Use click tracks when learning difficult songs or solos; this will help everyone stay on track even if one person messes up (which happens!)
  • Listen to other bands of the same genre.

Start Writing Originals

To start, you need to write original songs. You can’t just perform covers of other artists’ songs for your performance and expect the crowd to be impressed; you should have something uniquely yours. By writing original music, you’ll be able to give yourself and your bandmates a creative outlet, which will help you connect on a more personal level.

Writing your own music is also one of the best ways of ensuring that people will continue listening once they hear it since they’ll already know what they’re getting into when they see a show from one of these bands (or any other band).

If you’re looking to start a band, these tips should help you get started on the right foot. Remember that this is something that will require work and dedication. If you’re passionate about music, then it’s worth putting in the effort!

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