Electronic Music Genres

Electronic Music

Electronic music is music using circuitry-based music technology to create. It also uses electronic musical instruments and digital instruments. There are a lot of music genres created by fusing and infusing them.

Here is a list of such genres to educate and entertain.


It is quiet. This quality is because it rejects drums in its composition. It has a slower tempo and a vague rhythm sense. Hence it is warmer than other genres.


Breakbeat includes a collaboration of other genres like drum and Bass, garage, hip-hop, and jungle. The drum breaks are from funk and soul records. This alteration makes it apt for dance.


Brostep is similar to Dubstep, only differing in the digital bass sounds, Distortion, and compression. It is also louder and brighter. Skrillex is the biological father of this genre. Purists call it the ‘Americanization of dub step.’



Disco was the classic electronic music born in the 70s. It was distinct in sound, featuring drum machines, rhythm guitars, pianos, and synthesizers. It has inspired pop music many times, along with other genres.


Downtempo has a low BPM spectrum similar to ambient, IDM, and trip-hop. It features quiet drums, soft pads, and delicate vocals.


Starting as a form of reggae music, Dub quickly became a genre of its donning elements from electronic music and reggae. It combines traditional instruments like drums, trumpets, rhythm guitar, wind instruments, electronic FX, and subtle synth elements.


Dubstep is the music of loud sub-bass with saturation, filter/volume modulation, and FM synthesis.

Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass contains many subcultures. It is similar in production to Dubstep and bass music. It has filthy bass lines, heavy drums, and the occasional pop hook.


Electro is different from Electro House and sounds like hip-hop and funk patterns. It is funky as well as entertaining.

Future Beats

Future Beats is not future Bass. Instead, it is a lot similar to hip-hop and trap.



Glitch is part of IDM. It has intricate audio editing.


Glitch-hop combines hip-hop and glitch. The new variety of Glitch-hop is often called ‘Neurohop,’ including the Neurofunk Drum and bass lines.

Happy Hardcore

Hardcore is techno sped fast. It is happy and hence the name. But, it is bright and in a stupor.


Hardstyle is famous for its ‘shuffling’ movement. It is Hardcore and influences Trance. It is bejeweled with euphoric super saw build-ups nowadays.


House is instrumentally manufactured with repetitive percussions. It has many subgenres being one of the major genres of electronic music.


Intelligent Dance Music, or IDM, is a form of electronic music with diverse rhythms and sound design. It has random and rapid velocity changes. It touches lots of layers in the arrangement and is different every time for each song.


Jungle skins breakbeats at ~175 BPM. It pitches up and fragments breakbeats of old funk and soul tracks. It carries Ragga and Reggae music.


Midtempo is a chili made of house/techno drum patterns and kick-clap motion. It is a head-nodding rhythm.


Moombahton combines reggaeton and house music to achieve tribal dance music.


Psytrance is psychologically influencing through its trance tempo and deep electronic Bass occurring on every quarter note. Hence it’s trendy at festivals around the world.


Techno dons many hats. It is deep, progressive, break beat, and more.


Trance has a diehard fan base. To its popularity, it owes its energy and evocative chords and melodies. It has emotionally driven with faster BPM and balances techno and House.


The trap was born before EDM. But after borrowing elements from bass music, it now has two streams – ‘mumble rappers’ and ‘hybrid trap.’

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