Top Electronic Music Festivals Around the World:

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Tomorrowland should be on your bucket list if you are an Electronic Music fan. The festival has been conducted annually in Boom, Belgium, since 2005. It is usually conducted for two weeks towards the end of July. However, from 2022, the festival has been expanded from two to three weekends. The venue for Tomorrowland is a beautiful open space that is also a park called De Schorre, used as a recreational spot by the local people. The main stage of Tomorrowland is one of the largest stages of any festival around the world. Guests can stay at DreamVille, which offers a wide range of accommodations and is a great place to form international friends. The DreamVille is complete with a supermarket, salon, jewelry stores, etc., to make your stay comfortable.


Electric Daisy Carnival:

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest music festivals in North America and is commonly called EDC. The music festival is held annually at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and is popular for its 3D superstructures. The music festival is usually conducted over three days, including the last weekend of May each year. EDC also has been held in other parts of the world, such as Mexico, the UK, Brazil, Japan, China, and India. Attending the EDC festival is a great way to support the charity organizations such as Rock the Vote, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, Families for Effective Autism Treatment, etc. One of the major attractions of EDC is that you can camp with your friends in Moon Glow Camp EDC or RV Camping. Alternatively, you can also camp in an offsite location in the desert.

Ultra-Music Festival:

Ultra-Music Festival is an annual event that takes place in the picturesque location of Miami, Florida. The festival started in 1999 and has been since held annually during the last weekend of March. The scenic location and the welcoming weather of Florida make the festival even more enjoyable. Ultra Music Festival is also known for its initiatives to support environmental and sustainability causes. Ultra-Music Festival is also known for its worldwide popularity – it has debuted in Argentina, China, South Korea, South Africa, India, Australia, etc. Ultra Music Festival also offers a chance to enjoy underground artists through the lineup called Resistance.

Sunburn Festival:

Sunburn Festival is an annual electronic dance music festival held in Goa, India. The festival was founded in 2007 and is one of the largest music festivals in Asia. You can enjoy shopping, delicious Indian cuisine, and vibrant music during the three days of the festival. The festival is conducted every December in relaxing locations on one of the beaches in Goa. The festival is held across seven different stages and hosts several national and international acts, consisting of artists and world-renowned DJs. Some of the popular artists who have hosted the Sunburn Festival include DJ Snake, Mark Knight, and Afrojack.

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