Guide to EDM


What Is EDM?

EDM refers to all music produced electronically. Electronic dance music, or EDM, is a collective name for numerous percussive electronic music genres.

They are called so because of the use of digital and analog equipment. They include synthesizers, drum machines, and percussion. This music adorned only dance floors at first, and now they have found its place in music festivals.


It started in the 60s. Madonna’s Ray of Light (1998) introduced the genre in her album, and artists like Deadmau5 and Skrillex took it to another level.


A recording studio with minimal equipment is enough to give birth to this music. All one needs is a laptop or desktop computer linked to a digital audio workstation (DAW). The DAW includes many audio devices and software designed to edit, sequence, and sample the organization.

Then it is connected to a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) device to add input from synths and other devices.

Main genres of EDM


House is the house to many subgenres. It is primarily repetitive disco rhythms crafted with percussion instruments. The sub-genres are:

Bass House

Bass house is a modern house combining the ‘screeches’ and ‘womps’ from brostep, bass music, and growls and bass sounds from Dubstep. It rules the dance floor particularly. In addition, there are high-energy house drum patterns.

Big Room House

Big Room House is the House of Spinnin’ Records. It is an alteration to the traditional house music keeping festivities in mind. It is famous for Tomorrowland and EDC.

Deep House

Deep House has mothered different branches of house music, such as the future house variety, the melodic house variety, the Roland drum machine, smooth pads, and so on.

Deep House

Electro House

Electro House uses digital synthesizers heavily. It typically has a minor key for energy.

Future House

Future House is more aggressive than Bass House because of a kick-bass groove.

However, it has simple drums and hooks and vocals from pop music.

Tropical House

Tropical House is different in that it offers relaxation through catchy melodies and bright, ‘poppy’ sounds.


Techno dons many hats. It is deep, progressive, breakbeat, and more.


Trance has a diehard fan base. To its popularity, it owes its energy and evocative chords and melodies. It has emotionally driven with faster BPM and balances techno and House.



Dubstep is the music of loud sub-bass with saturation, filter/volume modulation, and FM synthesis.

Influences of EDM

EDM has influenced society a lot. It has moved from being the centerpiece of raves to outdoor concert venues. EDM festivals have high monetary values benefiting both artists and their host cities.

Tomorrowland itself has a following of its own more than a cult would. These festivals and the music genre provide people with an escape from their monotonous life and fill them with fantasy. In other words, it is a Disney land for grown-ups.

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