Advice For Musicians Who Want To Be Successful From The Start


The music industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. The rise of streaming services, social media, and crowdfunding platforms have all changed how we consume music and what it means to be a successful musician.

Despite these changes, one thing that hasn’t changed is that it’s still challenging to build sustainable careers as musicians. Most artists will never make enough money from their art to support themselves without having another job or taking out loans for living expenses (or both).

That’s why new artists need to understand how building a successful career works—and what steps they can take early on in their careers (with regards to their work) so that they don’t find themselves struggling later down the line when they’re trying to make ends meet off of album sales alone.

Study The Greats

The first thing you must do is learn from the masters. Study the greats and learn from their mistakes. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Still, your education should include some basics, such as knowing the history of your craft, having an understanding of what is currently working in that field, and having a basic knowledge of where it came from. This will help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes that could cost you time and money marketing your music.

Don’t Be Scared Of Criticism

Too often, musicians are afraid to show their work to others. They don’t want anyone to see their songs or hear their music because they are afraid of what people will say. But criticism is not a bad thing; it can be helpful and even encouraging!

Here are some ways that criticism can help you:

  • Criticism will help you improve your work
  • Criticism can help build a better product
  • Criticism shows fans care about what we do

Collaborate With Other Musicians

You can collaborate with just about anyone who wants to work with you! If the person has some skills in music production or songwriting, then collaborate with them! Collaborate with those who can access resources to help make better recordings or videos for promotional purposes (like YouTube or Instagram).

Practice Every Single Day

Practicing every single day is so important. It improves your skills, makes you more confident, and helps you get better at what you do. It helps musicians become more confident with themselves and their music!

Just a Hobby

Do not treat your Work as Just a Hobby

There is a common misconception that being a musician should be treated as a hobby, while your “real job” is where you work to make money. I can understand why some people may think this way—after all, music is often considered an art form or passion, not a career. But if you want to become successful in the long run and have some financial freedom from your music career, then you must treat your passion for making music as much as any other business.

So, if you’re a musician who is serious about making it in the music business, it’s time to put these tips into action. Keep working hard and find your voice through trial and error. Treat every show like an audition because that’s exactly what it is!

Seek out honest feedback from others in your field who have made strides toward their goals—they can offer valuable insight into how they did so successfully while also motivating to keep going on this journey with them as partners along the way.

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