"Each track has the effect of a stroke with a sledgehammer... The songs are gripping and have a firm cyberpunk approach.” Album of the Month at Gothtronic.com “Novakill sounds clear, warm, compact and impressive. It's definitely one of THE releases this year! ... a must have for everyone who loves good, electronic music.” CD Review from side-line.com "...scattered shards of actual melody and a punk rock edge that adds color and texture to the thudding jackboot beats and oppressive wool blankets of synthesizer" CD Review by Rick Anderson - All Music "... one of the year's top debuts from a band that deserve to be massive." CD Review from ReGen Magazine
JUN 14 The site was down for a couple of weeks but it is sorted now. We are supporting Velvet Acid Christ and Black Lung at Sydney Uni on Friday the 13th. Fiendfest went really well. The Brisbane crowd was disappointing but we got to hang out with some of our idols which made everything else unimportant. MAR 14 The album is coming together nicely but we’re putting it aside for a few weeks to concentrate on the FIENDFEST gig in Brisbane.
DEC 13 All the FIENDFEST details are now public so we can tell you that we will be supporting Covenant, Clan of Xymox  and Leaetherstrip. These are three of our all-time favourite acts and we are going to get the Brisbane show off with as big a bang as we can manage. Album work continues and we’ve now got a handful of songs finished and ready to go.
UPCOMING LIVE SHOWS SYDNEY Friday 13 June 2014 - Hermann’s Bar at Sydney Uni